''friends of aisop'' 
[19.12.2002 - 20.01.2003]
As we are approaching 2003 I thought of reconsidering a new version of an exhibit titled " Friends of Aisop 2002" which I had first organized in Ankara Urart Art Gallery in 1994.

Aisop, believed to have lived in the sixteenth century B.C. used animal themes and heroes in his didactic stories which have inspired many authors and artists up to this day. In fact since the beginning of time the human being has always been attracted to the animal figure. There are innumerable examples of animal depictions since prehistoric ages. Animal figures can still be traced to the first wall paintings. I came across some similar scenes at a conference given by Ian Hodder, who is in charge of the excavation of Çatalhöyük since 1992. Çatalhöyük is known as one of the earliest settlements of mankind after the hunting and gathering period. In the images, famous mother goddess seemed to me as if she was challenging the world while she is nursing the vultures or sitting proudly between tamed lions. There are still lessons to be derived even from these wall paintings and statuets which may be as old as ten or twelve thousand years.

Within the frame work of "Friends of Aisop 2002" 19 artists are invited to contribute to the exhibition with special works, reflecting their own interpretations on the theme in today's context.With this exhibit we take the opportunity to wish the world a peaceful New Year.