''shop'n bazaar'' 
[02.06.2006 - 02.07.2006]
This year, Gallery Apel commences the summer with an exhibiton under the title of ‘shop n bazaar’.

6 seperate rooms of the gallery are presented to the imagination of 13 different artists.
Like in the previous exhibitions ‘’neighbour’’, ‘’ from hills and dales’’ and ‘’ weddings and fests’’, this exhibition also intends to slide through the scenes of casual life.
The spectators who are familiar with the artists’ diverse interpretations will also encounter the different roles the artists have chosen.

Artists are going to be recalled as second hand booksellers (Can Göknil), florists (Suzy Hug Levy) and even towel sellers (Esma Paçal Turam).
As Kurucu Koçanoğlu sets his greengroce in a cosy corner of the gallery, Erica Beard’s mobile carriage will wander around with newfangled slippers in it.

İdil Akbostancı, who prefers textiles, will use one huge wall to hang up her curtains- which she produces herself.

Rüçhan Şahinoğlu’s determination with the postcards remains in the exhibition as Yücel Kale presents swords and shields and Güler Güngör produces jewelery with various materials.

Aslımay Altay joins the bazaar with the ‘Istanbul Souvenir’, as an extending theme of the ‘traveller’... The real estate sector which has grown enormously with the re-discovery of the city becomes Yıldız Şermet’s choice.

The exhibition also encloses works which are usable and consumable; such as Lerzan Özer’s hand-made porcelain coffee cups and Engin Akın’s jams which brings a relish, tasty dimension to the exhibition...