[06.09.2007 - 19.10.2007]
Gallery Apel has organized the exhibition 'pages' to coincide with the 10th International Istanbul Biennial. The participating artists all created new works for the exhibit which is a continuation of a series of exhibits: "street" (1999), "hasat" (2001), "bağ-şairin bahçesi" (2003), "neighbor" (2005).

Throughout Gallery Apel's nine-year history many artists have exhibited their interpretations of the book and the book arts. This has led us to the theme of the "page" - an essential component of the book. In today's world, the definition of the "page" is changing. The word now refers not only to a piece of paper but also to a space accessed with a "click".

The exhibition is comprised of original works of art meant to be understood visually, beyond any difference in language.