[10.12.2009 - 09.01.2010]
The plane which we call reality can blend with an imaginary and fictional plane to become a three dimensional form the key to which is belief. In my own spectrum I am at the intersection of these two planes/roads, and the sculptures in this exhibition are the travelers on these two roads.

This is an exhibition which calls one inside. Inside wood, glass and fossils… Inside pelts, trees, birds and crocodiles… Think of figures that conjure up inward dreams; this exhibition calls us to bear witness to their voyages from the everyday reality of life toward a fictional land; to witness the shadows which take on an otherness as in their minds they encounter feeble strength, savage meekness and living death; to witness not only the states of being which desire and dream of this otherness but also the products of this imagination.

Yucel Kale-2009